In the future are we going to be telling our next generation about how we used to drive vehicles with a stick shift and a clutch up hill in a snow storm to school?  Will they really believe that there were vehicles with manual transmissions? Or will they have to search Google for images and descriptions of manual transmission cars and trucks?  In the US only 3% of new cars sold in 2016 had manual transmissions.  In the US, there has been at a steady decline.  In Europe and Japan, 80% of their vehicles are still manual transmissions.

Why the decline? Experts are saying the decline is due to the advancement in automatic transmissions. They now have quicker shift times, more gears for better acceleration, and are quieter and more efficient for highway cruising.  The automatic transmission vehicles have improved fuel economy, because the shifters allow manual gear selection in an automatic transmission and lockup torque converters by reducing the slipping when you step on the accelerator.

Automatic transmissions have at least six speeds, but may have seven or eight.  This is because of the invention of the CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission.  Rather than use gears to determine how much power and torque is generated, the engine uses a CVT. This continuously alters the power sent to the wheels by moving through an infinite number of gear ratios. While most of us first learned to drive with a stick and clutch, now the next generation will only see these vehicles in the history books.

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