The importance of wearing a seat belt is not a new idea. However, many people do not wear seat belts, especially in rural areas (according to CDOT). The problem is especially common in Colorado, where approximately 17.6% of drivers regularly do not wear a seat belt (according to NHTSA).

In light of several traffic accidents in the local area where the passengers were not wearing their seat belt, Country Truck & Auto owner, Rhonda Whistance, decided to create a safety awareness campaign that will bring attention to the importance of wearing a seat belt. Her approach is new, however. She has created window stickers that will go on the inside of the windshield to remind drivers to buckle up. The variety of themes from bold and graphic, to humorous, to heartfelt, are meant to get the driver's attention and underscore the importance of buckling up. 

Rhonda and other members of the Country Truck & Auto Team will speak at local schools and community groups about the importance of wearing your seat belt 100% of the time. If you would like someone to speak to your school or group, please call the office at (303)857-1281.